My guest for this week is Beth Garcia

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My fellow blogger, Beth Garcia, and I are participating in the Mountain Springs House blog tour. This week’s topic is: What blogs do you follow and why? Please see below the post for information about where to find more from Beth.

Some Thoughts on Blogging

Truthfully, I’ve only just begun to blog—and that was only because my publisher said I needed to do it. I was surprised by how quickly I started to like it. It’s a great way to express my thoughts in a few words instead of a novel or short story.
I haven’t been following any blogs because I am so busy writing. In looking around, though, I have found a few I like. I’m following all of the Mountain Spring House authors and some of the people from their open group of writers. I just started following Michale Burch Hess’s blog, to name one.
For a blog to have value for me, it must contain information I need (writers’ blogs) or emotion. If the author is bland, I won’t like their blog. Show me some passion, anger, humor, or even sadness. But please be real about it.

About me:
I write under my full name, Elizabeth A. Garcia, but I’m known as Beth. I’ve lived for more than thirty years in the Big Bend country of far west Texas. I’ve hiked, rafted, explored, and earned a living in the wild desert-mountain land near the Rio Grande, on the border of the United States and Mexico.
I can be found on Facebook:
My blog address:
The Beautiful Bones and One Bloody Shirt at a Time are my first published novels, but were not my first written stories. They are the first of many Deputy Ricos tales. The Reluctant Cowboy, unrelated to the Deputy Ricos series, is scheduled for publication at the end of August this year. #MHS



msh blog tour pixMSH BLOG TOUR FOR JULY 1ST

Michale Hess (Micki Hess)

Blogs that I follow are some here MSH blog tour. I do read each every one of the blogs that are posted. I do follow my friend’s blog, well because he can be funny at times and serious at other times. I still feel new to blogging and sometimes I get off the subject matter. At times, my thoughts are scattered brain and other time, the thoughts are arrange good.

Personally, I like Facebooking or twitter than to blogging but I do find that blogs can be entertaining as well as informative. Blog at times can be too much personal. Putting my thoughts on a blog is something that is big to me.

I do follow screenwriter’s blogs as well writers’ blog, I am learning how to format screenplays and how to build strong characters. I feel that it would work in novel writing as well. How to build strong scene and dialogue, by the way I don’t have any problems with dialogue, it is like talking to myself. At times, I laugh, get mad, cried and get cold, yes, cold. When you are in a cave, you get cold. Very cold.

Some of the blogs that I do read, I get a good laugh that tears start to flow. Other blogs, the teach how to write better sentences, paragraph, dialogue, scene but most importantly, how to build strong characters.

The tools I get out of blogs are to write every day, even in a short period of time. But the main thing is to write every day. Even when you are down in the dumps. I tried to read uplifting or comedy blogs first then on the blogs of seriousness.

I considered my blog to be quirky and I tried to make them funny. At times, I think I am too serious. I need to loosen up and enjoy life and write. It is sometimes hard to write down what I want because my fingers are slower than my brain or the keyboard is dang burned slower.




A short bio…..

Michale Hess grew up in the Southeast corner of Kansas. She loved to write when she was a young girl. Life came along and her love for writing was put on hold, for a long time, like 40 years.

Why did Micki start to write again? Because the characters came to her in a dreams and wouldn’t leave her alone. Her first novel that she finished was called The Power Twins in the Four Element Races, which is now re-titled to The Power Twins in the Element Stone.

Keep writing and enjoy life, for it is short.

Michale Hess—author of Fred and Bud series….MSH Blog Tour

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Michale Hess—author of Fred and Bud series….

It is so hard to pick ten books that I like and dislike. To be truthful, I have never met a book that I didn’t like. Every book I read, it brings a different kind of feelings and different worlds.

So how hard I must pick my ten books, which there is no list for dislike book.

My top ten favorite books, and series. So here we go.

  1. The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. The books tell a story of a torment vampire who had been alone for a long time. He finally finds love. At first he was afraid then he started to trust in himself and his true love.
  2. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowlings—this series is about a small boy who lost his parents at an early age and lived with his aunt and her husband. He is mistreated by them. He learns he is a wizard and who killed his parents. This series gives hope and challenges of growing up.
  3. Dirt by Kim F Ridley an upcoming author. Her book is about a girl who learns that she has magical powers. It is has challenges of growing up and knowing who you are. This is a Young Adult book that can be easily an adult book.
  4. 50 Shades of Gray by E.L. James. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is about how a billioniere turns a sweet girl into his weekend sex partner.  At the end of the series, Gray learns to trust himself and turns to his Ana.
  5. The Host by Stephenie Meyer—it was hard at first to understand but I stuck in there and read it.
  6. Messages by John Michael Hileman—A must read. It is about a person who gets messages from the unknown. He has moments to save the President. I can’t really do just by writing a small review on this book. All I know it kept me on the edge of my seat.
  7. Lexi’s Run by Ellison James—It is about the a young woman going out to find herself. A must READ!
  8. The Judging by Ellen C. Maze- It is a great read.
  9. Secret Santa by Kathleen Brooks—she is a great romance writer. This is one of my favorites.
  10. Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh—one of her great book she had written. Love the book.


I have no 10 unlike books. I love to read and write. Keep Reading and Writing!!!

My writing habits…

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the paper and pen

This is week three of the Mountain Springs Blog Tour, and I am here to talk this week about our writing habits and general organization. Here we go:
I usually write throughout the day. It depends on the mood I am in. Or should I said, when my keyboard is awake. I think at times it doesn’t want to work. If it had legs, I imagine it running away from this desk and down the street, screaming: “Help me”.
My wonderful hubby works third shift so I have to be quiet so he can get some rest. So I will start writing in the morning then take a break and check out what is going on Facebook, then I stay there for a while. Then my characters start screaming (they are screaming as I’m writing this. They are saying “No fair! We want our story to get written), so I get off and start writing their stories.
I don’t commute very often. When I do it is usually a short trip to the store and back. I do have a personal recorder that is with me, just in case something comes to me.
My workspace is in the den. I share with my hubby and my cat, Christian. My office got flooded and is waiting to be remodelled. Or I can wait.
I write in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening. I had been awaken up by a character and I do get up to do a quick write up.
This is my writing habits. Oh, I forgot, I have to have a glass of coke and something to eat by my side.

My guest blogger is Delfin Espinosa of Natural Solutions

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Sleep Tight Forever More is a book I was inspired to write based on actual events that occurred concerning the last days my mom was alive. I also wanted to write about what a wonderful person and mother she was to all of her four children, My mom always wanted the best for us and was always encouraging us to do our best. She taught is if we ever failed we should get up, keep on going, and learn from our experiences. My mom always reminded me that nothing stays the same. Life is always changing. We need to prepare for the future and to always use our resources wisely. My mom was the true example of the Proverbs 31 woman. She was a housewife. She was very resourceful, wise, and smart. She was able to stretch my dad’s income to go a very long ways. My mom was never wasteful and she appreciated everything she had. I am very grateful to have had a mom like this as she served and still serves as a great example to me of how if you do things a certain way you will have much better results in all that you do in life. I remember that she never demanded Christmas presents, Mothers Day presents, or birthday presents, to her as long as we were doing fine that is what made her happy. I have seen a lot of homes where the children are not happy and don’t have good parents and the children want to run away from home. I was raised in a home that you never wanted to leave, as both my parents were caring and loving. This is why I want to write my moms story to tell the world how wonderful she was and what a horrible ending at the hands of her own son and daughter.

Delin’s bio

Delfin Espinosa and his wife live in Louisville, Kentucky. They have been married for twelve years. Delfin has been an LPN for a little over twenty years and specialize in Long Term Care. He has also worked in Psychiatric and Correctional nursing. Delfin is currently working sixteen hour shifts on Sat/Sun only at Owenton Manor in Owenton, Kentucky. He plans to start his Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies at the University of Louisville in August and wants to become a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Delfin is currently working on two books. The first is a poetry book that contains many of the romantic poems he has written over the past years. The second book is a crime drama based on the death of his mother.

When he is not writing, studying or working he enjoys spending time with his wife. They love to travel and explore the outdoors. Delfin is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He also enjoy writing music. He will be taking music lessons this fall and have been asked to write songs for Natalie Berry, a well known Kentucky country singer. He enjoys swimming, conducting research and listening to music.


Hi, I am Michal…

Hi, I am Michale Hess


Hello, I am Michale Hess, I do go by Micki Hess. This is my official first real blogging with Mountain Spring House Publishing.  I will be blogging for the next few weeks.

Fred and Bud in the First Day of School: First day of school, two frogs are nervous about it. One wants to make friends and the other is wanting to be a good friend. Would they be friends to each other or not?

Please go check out Mountain Spring House Publishing on Facebook and LIKE the page. A few writers are doing the blogging tour along with me. This would be a good thing to blog with others and learn how to do blogging.

All this is new to me and I hope to learn a lot from the writers and the readers. I have decided that I need to start blogging and this tour came up so I have decided to give it a whirl. Now, I don’t like to be spun around fast, so I am going to take it easy.

I will let you all know when I am guesting on someone else blog.

I hope you all will join me this summer as I do the blogging.