Hi, I am Michale Hess


Hello, I am Michale Hess, I do go by Micki Hess. This is my official first real blogging with Mountain Spring House Publishing.  I will be blogging for the next few weeks.

Fred and Bud in the First Day of School: First day of school, two frogs are nervous about it. One wants to make friends and the other is wanting to be a good friend. Would they be friends to each other or not?

Please go check out Mountain Spring House Publishing on Facebook and LIKE the page. A few writers are doing the blogging tour along with me. This would be a good thing to blog with others and learn how to do blogging.

All this is new to me and I hope to learn a lot from the writers and the readers. I have decided that I need to start blogging and this tour came up so I have decided to give it a whirl. Now, I don’t like to be spun around fast, so I am going to take it easy.

I will let you all know when I am guesting on someone else blog.

I hope you all will join me this summer as I do the blogging.