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Sleep Tight Forever More is a book I was inspired to write based on actual events that occurred concerning the last days my mom was alive. I also wanted to write about what a wonderful person and mother she was to all of her four children, My mom always wanted the best for us and was always encouraging us to do our best. She taught is if we ever failed we should get up, keep on going, and learn from our experiences. My mom always reminded me that nothing stays the same. Life is always changing. We need to prepare for the future and to always use our resources wisely. My mom was the true example of the Proverbs 31 woman. She was a housewife. She was very resourceful, wise, and smart. She was able to stretch my dad’s income to go a very long ways. My mom was never wasteful and she appreciated everything she had. I am very grateful to have had a mom like this as she served and still serves as a great example to me of how if you do things a certain way you will have much better results in all that you do in life. I remember that she never demanded Christmas presents, Mothers Day presents, or birthday presents, to her as long as we were doing fine that is what made her happy. I have seen a lot of homes where the children are not happy and don’t have good parents and the children want to run away from home. I was raised in a home that you never wanted to leave, as both my parents were caring and loving. This is why I want to write my moms story to tell the world how wonderful she was and what a horrible ending at the hands of her own son and daughter.

Delin’s bio

Delfin Espinosa and his wife live in Louisville, Kentucky. They have been married for twelve years. Delfin has been an LPN for a little over twenty years and specialize in Long Term Care. He has also worked in Psychiatric and Correctional nursing. Delfin is currently working sixteen hour shifts on Sat/Sun only at Owenton Manor in Owenton, Kentucky. He plans to start his Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies at the University of Louisville in August and wants to become a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Delfin is currently working on two books. The first is a poetry book that contains many of the romantic poems he has written over the past years. The second book is a crime drama based on the death of his mother.

When he is not writing, studying or working he enjoys spending time with his wife. They love to travel and explore the outdoors. Delfin is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He also enjoy writing music. He will be taking music lessons this fall and have been asked to write songs for Natalie Berry, a well known Kentucky country singer. He enjoys swimming, conducting research and listening to music.