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the paper and pen

This is week three of the Mountain Springs Blog Tour, and I am here to talk this week about our writing habits and general organization. Here we go:
I usually write throughout the day. It depends on the mood I am in. Or should I said, when my keyboard is awake. I think at times it doesn’t want to work. If it had legs, I imagine it running away from this desk and down the street, screaming: “Help me”.
My wonderful hubby works third shift so I have to be quiet so he can get some rest. So I will start writing in the morning then take a break and check out what is going on Facebook, then I stay there for a while. Then my characters start screaming (they are screaming as I’m writing this. They are saying “No fair! We want our story to get written), so I get off and start writing their stories.
I don’t commute very often. When I do it is usually a short trip to the store and back. I do have a personal recorder that is with me, just in case something comes to me.
My workspace is in the den. I share with my hubby and my cat, Christian. My office got flooded and is waiting to be remodelled. Or I can wait.
I write in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening. I had been awaken up by a character and I do get up to do a quick write up.
This is my writing habits. Oh, I forgot, I have to have a glass of coke and something to eat by my side.