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Michale Hess (Micki Hess)

Blogs that I follow are some here MSH blog tour. I do read each every one of the blogs that are posted. I do follow my friend’s blog, well because he can be funny at times and serious at other times. I still feel new to blogging and sometimes I get off the subject matter. At times, my thoughts are scattered brain and other time, the thoughts are arrange good.

Personally, I like Facebooking or twitter than to blogging but I do find that blogs can be entertaining as well as informative. Blog at times can be too much personal. Putting my thoughts on a blog is something that is big to me.

I do follow screenwriter’s blogs as well writers’ blog, I am learning how to format screenplays and how to build strong characters. I feel that it would work in novel writing as well. How to build strong scene and dialogue, by the way I don’t have any problems with dialogue, it is like talking to myself. At times, I laugh, get mad, cried and get cold, yes, cold. When you are in a cave, you get cold. Very cold.

Some of the blogs that I do read, I get a good laugh that tears start to flow. Other blogs, the teach how to write better sentences, paragraph, dialogue, scene but most importantly, how to build strong characters.

The tools I get out of blogs are to write every day, even in a short period of time. But the main thing is to write every day. Even when you are down in the dumps. I tried to read uplifting or comedy blogs first then on the blogs of seriousness.

I considered my blog to be quirky and I tried to make them funny. At times, I think I am too serious. I need to loosen up and enjoy life and write. It is sometimes hard to write down what I want because my fingers are slower than my brain or the keyboard is dang burned slower.




A short bio…..

Michale Hess grew up in the Southeast corner of Kansas. She loved to write when she was a young girl. Life came along and her love for writing was put on hold, for a long time, like 40 years.

Why did Micki start to write again? Because the characters came to her in a dreams and wouldn’t leave her alone. Her first novel that she finished was called The Power Twins in the Four Element Races, which is now re-titled to The Power Twins in the Element Stone.

Keep writing and enjoy life, for it is short.