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My fellow blogger, Beth Garcia, and I are participating in the Mountain Springs House blog tour. This week’s topic is: What blogs do you follow and why? Please see below the post for information about where to find more from Beth.

Some Thoughts on Blogging

Truthfully, I’ve only just begun to blog—and that was only because my publisher said I needed to do it. I was surprised by how quickly I started to like it. It’s a great way to express my thoughts in a few words instead of a novel or short story.
I haven’t been following any blogs because I am so busy writing. In looking around, though, I have found a few I like. I’m following all of the Mountain Spring House authors and some of the people from their open group of writers. I just started following Michale Burch Hess’s blog, to name one.
For a blog to have value for me, it must contain information I need (writers’ blogs) or emotion. If the author is bland, I won’t like their blog. Show me some passion, anger, humor, or even sadness. But please be real about it.

About me:
I write under my full name, Elizabeth A. Garcia, but I’m known as Beth. I’ve lived for more than thirty years in the Big Bend country of far west Texas. I’ve hiked, rafted, explored, and earned a living in the wild desert-mountain land near the Rio Grande, on the border of the United States and Mexico.
I can be found on Facebook:
My blog address:
The Beautiful Bones and One Bloody Shirt at a Time are my first published novels, but were not my first written stories. They are the first of many Deputy Ricos tales. The Reluctant Cowboy, unrelated to the Deputy Ricos series, is scheduled for publication at the end of August this year. #MHS